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Spotlight Circular Floor Lamp

Outdoor LED Wall Pillar Chapiter Post Lamp for Garden Courtyard Landscape Patio Gate Decoration.
Outdoor Garden Post Pole Mount  Traditional Outdoor Post Lights Bronze Pillar Lamp Waterproof Column Light Fixtures Outdoor Post Light Fixture with Pier Mount Vintage Post Lamp for Yard 60W Post Lantern E26 /E27 Lighting Bubl Lamp in Bronze Finish with Seeded Glass Shade
Material: aluminum alloy, stainless, outdoor special paint, more environmental protection and durability.
Glass cover: high hardness and high light transmission glass is adopted, and the outdoor lighting is brighter.
Frosted glass lampshade: clear frosted glass lampshade has good light transmittance and can illuminate light better.
Exquisite metal lamp body: Die Cast Aluminum antique baking paint lamp body material is firm and durable, does not hurt hands and does not rust.


Thick die-casting aluminum housing, rust-free, good weather resistance, suitable for seaside and islands projects.
The same lamp design can be made lighting fixtures such as wall lamps, pillar lights and column post lights.
We have multiple height aluminum poles for selection, column light can be one lamp head to four lamp heads.
Surface treatment can be customized according to the client’s requirements. Common paint includes black, white, gold, brush brown, etc.
We have plenty of lamp collections for your selection, welcome to make an inquiry to us.

Product Feature:

Power Voltage Base Size Spike light Size IP Rating LED Color
1W 110V-220V Φ42*H95mm Φ42*H305mm IP65 W/WW/R/G/B/Y/RGB
3w 110V-220V Φ70*H100mm Φ70*H309mm IP65 W/WW/R/G/B/Y/RGB
6w 110V-220V Φ95*H120mm Φ95*H329mm IP65 W/WW/R/G/B/Y/RGB
9w 110V-220V Φ125*H150mm Φ125*H359mm IP65 W/WW/R/G/B/Y/RGB
12w 110V-220V Φ155*H185mm Φ155*H394mm IP65 W/WW/R/G/B/Y/RGB
15w 110V-220V Φ155*H185mm Φ155*H394mm IP65 W/WW/R/G/B/Y/RGB
18W 110V-220V  Φ155*H185mm Φ155*H394mm IP65 W/WW/R/G/B/Y/RGB
24W 110V-220V Φ185*H220mm Φ185*H489mm IP65 W/WW/R/G/B/Y/RGB
36W 110V-220V  Φ205*H215mm Φ205*H484mm IP65 W/WW/R/G/B/Y/RGB
48W 110V-220V Φ235*H215mm Φ235*H484mm IP65 W/WW/R/G/B/Y/RGB

Superior corrosion resistance, Exceptional waterproof performance, Green and environmentally friendly, Convenient and efficient installation;


Used for outdoor,home,hotel,stadiums,villas,holiday villages,garden, balcony, aisle, corridor,etc.
Warranty:2 yearsspotlight circular floor lamp 6

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