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Led Panel Light

LED Panel Light ceiling LED flat lamp 300 *300/300 * 600/600* 600 direct light panel lamp office embedded square panel lamp.
Light and frame are made of high-quality iron, rust and oil removed, under anti-rust treated and rustproof for 8-10 years under normal.


Product Features:

High efficiency saves energy:led panel light 7The light from the LED light is released through the diffuser directly, which isn’t absorbed and reflected from other media. So the utilization of the light is relatively high, and the overall luminous efficiency of light is quite high. Energy saving, it saves 65% more than the traditional lights at the same brightness.
Save cost:
The components of the direct light panel is simpler than an ordinary panel, it will save the guide plate and overall cost will be more effective.
Luminous uniformity:
Direct light panel is designed to use the LED luminescence to make a reasonable LED distance, with the diffusion and the height of the light fixtures to achieve the ideal blend of light. Because the light SMD is arranged in a matrix,  the reasonable distance between the LED SMD and the PC diffuser, so that the light doesn’t have a dark zone, and it improves the brightness uniformity when it’s been lighted up.
Long life:
Direct light panel is compared with the sidelight panel, it has a certain distance between the LED SMD and the diffuser. The heat dissipation provides enough space to ensure its 50000hrs.long lifespan.

Product Parameters:

Color Temperature (CCT) 3000K~5000K 2700K~6500K
Wattage 40W 40W 40W 40W
Nominal Lumens Delivered 4000lm 4200lm 3800lm 4200lm
Efficacy (LM/W) 100lm/w 105lm/w 95lm/w 105lm/w
CRI >80
Color Consistency Proprietary binning for uniform color
Lumen Maint (L70) 50,000 hours
Electrical Power Factor Over 90°/o
Input Voltage 100V-277V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 40 watt nominal
Control Dimmin Switch Standard 0-10V dimming 10%-100%
Dimming Switch 3000K -5000K(Or 2700K-6500K CCT adjustable)
Linking Lengths/Qty 15 cable feet X 20 panels
Weight 15lbs.
Housing Aluminum
Lens Translucent white PS
Mounting Fits standard grid for drop ceilings
Operating temperature -5ºF—104ºF
Humidity 20%- 75% RH, non condensing
Material Usage RoHS compliant no mercury
Environment Damp location
Warranty Five year

Application and After-Sales Service:

Application: shopping mall, clothing shop, supermarket,office and so on.
Warranty:5 yearled panel light 8

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