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Led Flood Lamps

Outdoor Wall Lamp 400W 2000W LED Flood Light Floodlights LED Indoor & Outdoor Lighting and Circuitry Design, project Installation.
The shell has different weights to meet the different needs of customers for power.


Aluminum shell, surface polyester powder coating, strong corrosion resistance.
Installed with rubber gasket, reliable sealing, waterproof, dustproof and corrosion resistant.
It has a variety of options for reflective films such as patch, integration, and large-mouth COB.
Professional optical secondary light distribution system, reasonable beam distribution, uniform illumination and high reflection efficiency utilization.
In accordance with environmental protection, quality assurance.
Gold wire: 1.25mil huge diameter.
High brightness, low light attenuation, less power, Long lifespan.
Lights attenuation: less than 1%
Reasonable prices, fast delivery(3-5 days)
MOQ: 1 pieceled flood lamps 7a

Product Features:

Model OF029
Power 50W 100W 150W 200W 300W 400W 500W 600W
Size 297*246*75mm 325*246*75mm 419*315*87mm 419*315*87mm 526*345*100mm 627*356*100mm 832*360*100mm 970*360*100mm
Material Aluminum
Input Voltage AC85-265V
Color Temperature 3000-6500K
PF 0.9-0.95
Waterproof Driver SURGE PROTECTOR 4000V
Warranty 2-3 years

led flood lamps 9 led flood lamps 10Application:

Use in building,part, bridge and so on.
Warranty:2 years

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