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Grille Lamp

Fluorescent Lighting Grille Lamp With Air Slot With 5 Cross-Blade Double Parabolic Reflectors.
Material: High-Quality Cold-Rolled Steel Plate.
Install: Surface Mounted
Application: High-End Office Buildings, Offices, Large Shopping Malls, Schools And Other Indoor Public Places, etc.
Grille panel light: Ceiling type T8 grille lamp panel, wide range applications, easy install, thick material,energy-saving.
Four core competencies: High-quality cold-rolled steel plate, pickling and phosphating treatment, anti-rust, good corrosion resistance, the lamp holder adopts a rotating structure, and the material is flame-retardant, made of domestic matte or reflective aluminum, with good reflection effect and long life.
1. Anti-Rust And Good Corrosion Resistance.
2. The Material Is Flame-Retardant, In Good Contact, Safe, And Reliable.
3. High Efficiency And Energy Saving, Low-Temperature Rise, And Long Life.


Product Features:

1) 0.6mm powder-coated white steel housing
2) Anti-rust treated and rustproof.
3) Air slot for better wind and air ventilation
4) CE,RoHS standard
5) Double/Single parabolic aluminum reflector
6) Glare-free and light color will not change for 10 years under normal application
7) T8 3x36W tubes
8) Voltage: 220-240V, 50-60HZ

model spec A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) packing(cm) (set/ctn)
Yafeier-340A 3x40W 1195 595 85 125x62x19 2
Yafeier-330A 3x30W 890 595 85 95x62x19 2
Yafeier-320A 3x20W 595 595 85 65x62x19 2


Office lighting,
Commercial lighting, hotel lighting,
Exhibition lighting, supermarket lighting,
Station lighting, home decorate, etc.
Warranty:2 yeargrille lamp 8 grille lamp 7 grille lamp 6

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